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HealthTech Hub Africa 2024 Startups


Afya Intelligence

Afya Intelligence is a local healthcare intelligence technology and consulting firm that uses partnerships, data, and emerging technologies to power local pharmacies and clinics with digital solutions that transform healthcare delivery in Africa and increase accessibility, affordability, and quality.


Clinic+O, a pioneering initiative, harnesses cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships to deliver essential primary care services to undeserved rural African communities. By leveraging innovative tele-medicine solutions, it ensures equitable access to healthcare, fostering sustainable development.

Denebola Technologies

Born in 2021, Denebola Technologies isn’t just a company, it’s a beacon of hope for undeserved communities around the globe. Their mission? To break down the barriers to specialised healthcare, making it accessible and affordable right where it’s needed most – in familiar local health facilities.


Dentolize is a leading clinic management system that is transforming medical practices worldwide. With a robust cloud-based software solution, Dentolize empowers clinics with advanced tools to streamline their operations. Dentolize has a proven track record of improving efficiency, enhancing patient care, and driving success in the dental industry.

HealthX Africa

HealthX Africa is a direct-to-patient healthcare provider that leverages technology to make high quality primary health care and wellness accessible, affordable, convenient, and equal. We use the power of digital technology to reach every user with quality primary health care services wherever they are, whenever they want, and as often as they need.


eFiche is spearheading the healthcare digital revolution in Africa by seamlessly connecting patients, health professionals, and facilities, while harnessing AI to optimize a patient-centered ecosystem.This innovative EMR system is designed to address critical healthcare challenges, including the severe shortage of healthcare workers among others.
Health Malamu

Health Malamu

Is a healthcare technology startup based in the DRC, created on 21/09/2020. With the main project HEALTH-MALAMU which is a hospital management system connected to a digital health record that allows patients to store all their medical and personal information in one place, accessible at any time via a web and mobile application.


iZola connects families of neurodivergent children with AI-powered solutions that simplify and support them on their health journeys. From a platform that allows parents to find qualified therapists to Xaidi, an AI-powered health app, iZola strives to bring peace of mind to neurodivergent families everywhere!


We are KarisimbiTech, a dynamic startup based in Kigali, Rwanda, poised to transform the healthcare landscape in Africa through our innovative patient data management solutions. By seamlessly connecting patients, healthcare providers, insurers, and policymakers, we are revolutionizing the way healthcare data is managed and utilized.

MCM – Pass Sante Mousso

MCM is a pioneering Ivorian startup in the field of health technology solutions, credited with designing the innovative “PASS SANTE MOUSSO” project. This groundbreaking initiative takes the form of a digital health bank, incorporating an electronic health record alongside teleconsultation features and a dedicated health communication system.


MedTrack, a health technology company founded in Ghana, is revolutionizing the African healthcare landscape through its decentralized health information system. By linking patient data to national biometric IDs, MedTrack offers a patient-focused platform that facilitates seamless collaboration among healthcare providers.
Negus Med

Negus Med

Negus Med, provides access to advanced surgical and medical equipment to peri-urban health centres via a pay-per-use model, and device co-utilization and financing platform making critical equipment accessible to primary healthcare institutions, improving standards of care and patient outcomes

SenVitale S&H

SenVitale S&H is a pioneering HealthTech startup focused on enhancing healthcare accessibility in Africa.

Strategic Health Solutions

Strategic Health is a leading digital health company dedicated to advancing women’s health initiatives and enhancing access to care.


Tanél is a digital health insurance company for African companies. It provides comprehensive group health insurance coverage for companies of any size.


Is the premier digital Healthcare Super App revolutionizing healthcare accessibility throughout Africa.


TENAWO Digital Health, established in 2021, is Ethiopia's pioneering e-Pharmacy and Telemedicine company, revolutionizing healthcare access.


VRapeutic, pronounced as vee-ra—pew-tic, is a UNICEF Innovation Fund portfolio software house, specializing in the development of therapeutic and rehabilitation solutions.


The Pathology Network (TPN) is a pioneering health tech enterprise focused on revolutionizing diagnostics across Africa by leveraging AI.