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HealthTech Hub Africa 2023 Startups

Meet The Team

Insightiv is bridging the gap in the lack of radiologists in Rwanda by providing a platform that allows hospitals without radiologists to have their patients diagnosed remotely.


Medtech Africa connects patients’ data from health monitoring devices to a centralized application for clinics to monitor and treat patients with heart diseases.


Klarah enables experienced nurses to be able to care for patients in their homes through the use of mobile applications and multisided dashboards. They are building Uber for nurses in Africa.


An FDA-approved pharmaceutical E-commerce platform



Lifesten health is a med-tech company that is a pioneer in health gamification in the African context. Lifesten tackles the challenge of illiteracy on lifestyle diseases and health habits.


Companionapp is a mobile application that connects people living with chronic diseases to healthcare providers with a mission to improve patients’ follow-up and adherence to treatment.


Denga is a digital health platform working with a network of drones to efficiently and sustainably connect the incapacitated local clinics and health centers to central hospitals for optimal local patient support.


Digi-Dibia is a HealthTech platform that aggregates medical information into a clinical decisions support system and a network of medical experts to deliver primary healthcare services from diagnosis to discharge.