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When dental clinics in bustling cities across Egypt and beyond are filled with patients, Dentolize ensures smooth, hassle-free management for all. Mostafa Dawoud, a former British Airways cabin crew member turned full-stack developer, understands the importance of efficient service, drawing from his decade-long experience in software development.  

 Alongside his co-founders, Dr. Abdi Rahman, a seasoned dentist, and Maran, a skilled project manager, they are transforming healthcare management with Dentolize. Mostafa’s journey from the skies to software development is inspiring. While helping a friend with an outdated program, he noticed a glaring gap in clinic management tools that provide easy access to healthcare without having to go to hospitals. 

 ”My Journey began in a completely different field—-aviation,”says Mostafa Dawoud. “ I worked as a cabin crew member at British Airways but was dissatisfied with the job.I began self-studying, eventually became a full-stack developer.This is when Dr. Abdi Rahman, a dentist and my friend, introduced me to an outdated clinic management program. Recognizing the need for improvement, we both decided to create something better.”

He teamed up with Abdi and Maran with a vision to transform this space. After two years of relentless effort, Dentolize was launched in April 2022. It initially targeted dental clinics but quickly expanded to dermatology and physical therapy practices. 

Dentolize’s unique selling point lies in its human-centered approach, which is not just about managing clinics but about understanding and addressing the unique needs of various healthcare practices.  

Their innovative solutions have significantly impacted 19 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Cyprus,Jordan, and Iraq. Despite fierce competition and the challenges of gaining trust in the medical field, Dentolize stands out with exceptional customer support and reliable service.  

Their participation in the HealthTech Hub Africa Accelerator program’s 2024 cohort is crucial to its success. This program has provided invaluable mentorship and resources, helping Dentolize refine its offerings and expand its reach.  

The HealthTech Hub Africa (HTHA) has offered numerous mentorship opportunities for Dentolize and fellow startups. Dentolize has grown through the masterclass sessions and fireside chats where networking opportunities with other startups are encouraged.

“Honestly, our Journey with the HealthTech Hub Africa has been incredible,”says Mostafa.

 “ I want to highlight the value of connecting with mentors and receiving personalized guidance.The onboarding process was smooth, and the information provided at all stages was clear. The fireside chats, like today’s, were also very insightful.I believe HTHA understands the challenges faced by startups and tries to address all of them in the best way possible, which is a plus.”

In addition, Mostafa and his team are so grateful to HTHA for the funding opportunities they are receiving to help them with their project and enter new spaces where they can impact more lives through their innovative healthcare solutions.  

Through the Accelerator Program, Mostafa and his team actively contribute to the program’s community, sharing experiences and insights and embodying a collaborative spirit that fuels continuous improvement. Dentolize continues to make even more significant strides in transforming healthcare management, ensuring clinics run smoothly. This is because of their unwavering commitment to trust, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. Patients receive the care they need whenever and wherever they need it.