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2023 Expert Sessions Speakers

We are excited to invite you to volunteer as a speaker in the Expert Sessions hosted by the HealthTech Hub Africa (HTHA).

Deadline : May 19, 2023

We are excited to invite you to volunteer as a speaker in the Expert Sessions hosted by the HealthTech Hub Africa (HTHA).

The expert sessions are part of the HTHA's acceleration program and provide a platform for tech innovators to engage with HealthTech and Business Experts through deep dive sessions. The primary objective is to offer expert insights, provide custom support, and create an environment conducive to questions on selected topics.

Below is a list of topics and expected dates for these sessions

Does a B2G Model fit your venture?

Tuesday, May 9th 16:00-17:30 CAT

  • How to identify B2G (business to government) opportunities in HealthTech
  • Co-creating monetization models for a win-win between business profitability and sustainable public health financing.

HealthTech Regulations in the Context of African health systems.

Thursday, May 18th 16:00-17:30 CAT

  • The essential regulations and policies in the health-tech space
  • Approval procedures and requirements.
  • Data privacy laws and strict regulatory measures may limit innovation.

Public-Private Partnerships: Identifying and engaging with the right partners in the health and tech sector.

Thursday 1st, June 16:00-17:30 CAT

  • How to identify and engage with the right partners in the health tech sector to create partnerships with hospitals, procurement entities, medical associations and more.
  • The criteria for selecting the right partners.
  • The stages of partnership development and strategies for building and sustaining effective partnerships.

HealthTech founders sharing their Journey.

Thursday 15th, June 16:00-17:30 CAT

  • In this session, we are looking for founders in the health-tech space to share their experiences navigating the African health-tech industry, along with tips for successfully launching a health-tech startup in the region.

Growth in Product Development

Thursday 29th, June 16:00-17:30 CAT

  • Strategies for successful product development and growth in the HealthTech sector.
  • Insights into the best practices for building innovative products that meet the customer’s needs and have the potential for scalability and sustainability.

Financial Projections and Growth Strategy

Thursday 13th, July 16:00-17:30 CAT

  • Tips on: developing financial plans and best practices for identifying and prioritizing growth opportunities.
  • Common mistakes made when developing growth strategies and how to avoid them.

Preparing your Pitch and Networking

Mid-late July. Dates to be confirmed.

  • This session is dedicated to:
    • Helping the start-ups to understand and learn the fundamentals of creating an attractive pitch.
    • Explore what potential public-private partnership (PPP) partners want to hear and how to communicate their unique value proposition to them effectively.
    • Provide tips for networking and connecting with PPP partners and key stakeholders in the HealthTech ecosystem.