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Investor Summit 2023

Theme: Investing in the future of African Public Health Systems through Innovation.

Time: 16th - 18th October 2023

Location: Norrsken House Kigali

Our Mission:

We catalyze collaboration between startups and governments on data and technology-enabled innovations that strengthen health systems in Africa.

By doing so, we aim to help local authorities tackle the largest health challenges in low-income and underserved populations.

Our 3-year Aspiration :

  • 120+ accelerated and scaled-up African companies
  • 50M+ of funding raised for HealthTechin Africa
  • 1200+ new local jobs in HealthTech
  • 3.000.000+ people’s health positively impacted on the continent
  • 100+ policy-makers from 20+ African countries voicing the positive trend for national policies on health and technology
  • 10+ public-private partnerships realized
  • 100+ convenings and learning exchanges

Investor Summit 2023 : Overview

Both governments and the private sector have a crucial role to play in supporting their countries with the equitable, inclusive and sustainable health systems.

This calls attention to the urgent need for increased and coordinated funding models and mechanisms for HealthTech, with different stakeholders recommending how that transformation should occur.

For the second year in a row, we will bring together investors, startups, scale ups and policy makers for three full days at the HealthTechHub Africa in the Norrsken House in Kigali, Rwanda.

Summit Partners

What will HTHA Investor Summit 2023 look like

A hybrid event with keynotes, panels, startup pitches and expos, facilitated 1-1 meetings with selected startups and more by members of HTHA partnerships team, in front of and in-person curated audience of up to 300 guests –broadcasted to our audience online.

  • Sponsor travel allowance for non-Rwandan startups to attend the HT Investor Summit and the organization of a startup expo for HTHA startups.
  • Provide an award for a startup in the graduating 2023 cohort or/and the upcoming 2024 cohort.
  • Sponsor a HT Innovation Challenge for 2024 to be announced during the Summit.
  • Support the hosting budget for thought leadership content creation during the Summit.
  • Invite your investor and startup network to attend.

2022 Summit Highlights

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Expected Outcomes :

  • To increase deal-sourcing opportunities for investors in HealthTech Hub Africa-vetted and accelerated companies from the 2022 and 2023 cohorts.

  • To establish a platform to facilitate blended financing partnerships for high-impact startups and scaleups with a proven track record in public-private partnerships through the utilization of HealthTech Hub Africa fast-tracking grants for government priorities.

  • To enhance thought leadership in innovative financing, funding mechanisms, public procurement,and PPP value-sharing.

  • To launch an investor network for healthtech investments in Africa.

Agenda :