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An African Startup unlocking new levels in health care?

What has been the status of healthcare systems in Africa?

Africa’s healthcare system is becoming better. In the past, access to health care was restricted to a few hospitals and clinics in big cities. Hospitals and clinics are now more numerous and dispersed across the nation. As a result, patients no longer have to wait days or weeks for an appointment at a hospital or clinic to receive care when needed. Better ways to conduct tests and meet up with a doctor online have proven more productive than going to the hospital or clinics.

We are moving closer to a more advanced technological world. Africa, the new emerging cradle for innovation, puts everything in a race to get that technology that will ease everything, social, economic, or even political aspects of life. Now, the healthcare sector is a big one. We’ve got the most significant number of people in the world, and we must be cautious about how we use technology. It’s not just about using technology for convenience; it has to be used wisely to improve health outcomes.

Who is Digi-Dibia that is unlocking new levels of health care?

Digi-Dibia, a HealthTech platform that compiles medical data into a clinical decision support system supported by a network of medical specialists, provides essential healthcare services that people can afford and trust, from diagnosis through discharge.

The main goal of Digi-Dibia is to ensure more access to healthcare systems and even make them more affordable to everyone. Seeing a professional is a mere chance in most African healthcare systems. With a growing stereotypical way of many health care prohibitions and unnecessary bureaucracy, we need to defy these norms that our systems seem not to get a hold on; Avoid leaving people with an option of self-diagnosing, and self-prescribing often leads to misdiagnosis.

Digi-Dibia has paved the way to getting in touch with the best medical professionals and being given the best service few clinics can offer. “Our medical team, supported by technology, conducts detailed assessments to help you get an accurate diagnosis.” (Digi-Dibia) The multi-regional and international DigiDibia team, which has offices in Nigeria and the U.S., is bringing its experience to bear to help tackle Africa’s primary health care crisis. From the ground up, by developing solutions that improve quality and treatment access while lowering costs.

The breakthrough that connects all the dots.

The breakthrough in technology in health care is the development of artificial intelligence, robotics, and virtual reality. These technologies will improve patients’ quality of life and make it easier for doctors to diagnose diseases. Now embracing these changes and adopting them into real-life experiences has been Digi-Dibia’s priority.

Modernized Artificial Intelligence has been embedded into the system. This serves best to provide up-to-date protocols and get an electronic medical record on any device with full ownership of your medical history to how the system monitors your health care from diagnosis to discharge, with referrals for specialists who will care for you better.

With a mission of health care for everyone, Digi-Dibia is committed to delivering better health care outcomes in Africa. Indeed, looking at combining artificial intelligence with trained medical professionals, They have provided better care to more people. Accessing your diagnosis and treatment plan with fewer expenditures seems feasible and promises a healthy lifestyle.

Digi-Dibia offers inclusive services.

The focus is more than just a sick patient or somebody needing attention. The greatness of services offered by Digi-Dibia goes beyond Just a one-time meet-up to pre-care like; Health & hygiene education, Wellness management, and Preventive care. In-care, With accessible electronic mobile medical records, access to medical professionals, Rapid diagnostic testing, Reliable diagnosis, Prescriptions, and prescription drugs. They follow up on you and ensure that there is everything that you need at an easy reach out. Post-Care, with various specialists at the organizations, Digi-Dibia extends the services to a post-care stage, offering chronic disease management and escalations/referrals to our network of specialist providers that can provide day-to-day services.

Is Digi-Dibia’s approach the way forward?

The question is not what technology will be but what we as a society want it to be. And that’s the critical point here. The use of technology in health care has been increasing exponentially over the past few years, and there are many benefits to this. So yes, embracing technology and embedding it in the growing healthcare systems is the way forward to a better healthcare lifestyle and an improved system. Digi-Dibia found its way. Let us follow it up and level up to the incredible healthcare system.

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