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Access to healthcare has been one of the world’s problems; the world health organization estimated that 800 million people spend 10% of their income on healthcare services, pushing around 100 million into extreme poverty and making them live under 1.90$ per day. In Africa, only 615 million people have access to healthcare services out of 1.21 billion people, which equals 48% of the community.

When we talk about access to healthcare services, this includes lack of insurance and affordability, lack of transportation to the hospital, lack of quality healthcare, and lack of medical attention. It is estimated that 67% of the world’s population finds it hard to get to the hospital.

This is caused by different things, such as infrastructure, and transportation facilities, which led to a lack of medical attention lack of quality healthcare. In Low income and middle-income countries, the communities suffer. In Nigeria, 48.5% of the population lives in rural areas, as stated by the world bank.

Rural areas in Nigeria are characterized by poor road infrastructure and poor healthcare facilities; This comes with the affordability in Africa. Lack of affordable health insurance led to low-quality education; it is estimated that in developing countries, 2.9 die because of a lack of healthcare services, as stated by the Lancet global health. In Nigeria, 11.188% is the mortality rate yearly. One of the leading causes of this death is neonatal disorder, anemia, malaria, and diarrhea.

These diseases can be cured, but Nigeria’s lack of access to healthcare and affordability makes it hard. It is estimated that 15.1% of Nigerians spend much on healthcare. Besides this amount of money that Nigerian are spending on healthcare services, it is estimated that 67 of 10000 people die due to low quality of healthcare. This includes medication errors, inappropriate or unnecessary treatment, and inadequate or unsafe clinical facilities. Render healthcare is a telemedicine solution that will improve medical attention and quality healthcare.

Render health facilitates the transition of healthcare management processes in Africa to the digital age.

Render health is an app that facilitates patients to book an appointment or have a teleconsultation. Render health enables patients to keep track of their health by allowing them to have a diary and record their appointments. On this app, we have five features: appointments, history, diary and billing, the home page.

Home page feature

This app feature allows the user to search for hospitals in works with render health, and the app gives you the location of the hospital. This allows the user to check the hospital near them. This will solve the transportation problem in Nigeria and reduce people who travel long distances to get healthcare services.

The home page allows you to book a hospital and choose a specialty you want to book according to the disease, pain, or checkup you wish to test; this will increase quality healthcare because this app personalizes services. In addition, the homepage allows the user to book an appointment in person or by teleconsultation. This avoids unnecessary travel to get a consultation. It also solves transportation problems because sometimes people want to consult a doctor without having an emergency to go to the hospital.

Appointment schedule feature

The appointment schedule feature lets you view your appointment, and the app sends you a reminder. This appointment can be online or in person. This will increase medical attention on both parts.

History feature

The history feature keeps a record of your medical appointments and results generated by doctors. This feature will increase the medical attention on a patient’s side, especially people with chronic diseases. It will be easy for them to keep track of the times they visit the hospital. This feature will help doctors treat the patient because sometimes it can show different signs, but with the healthcare record, it will create patterns, promoting quality healthcare and medical attention.

Diary feature

This feature will allow the user to record their medical record. An example will be, let’s say, in the morning, when you wake up, you have a headache, and you take a fast-action pill. This feature enables you to record every moment you experience pain or sickness. With this feature, doctors can track your sickness events and understand how to treat you with the proper medication. This will increase healthcare quality and medical attention.

Billing features

The billing feature facilitates patient bill payment because it is linked with insurance, allowing you to spend less on medical expenses. This will help you to have affordable healthcare.

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